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Commenting on an article by another doctor


I have been asked to defend the ophthalmic surgeons request to use multidose eye drops for dilating patients in pre op prior to ophthalmic surgery
Our pharmacy and risk management  leaders are against this despite the recent and seemingly never ending shortage and high cost of single use drops
Please see article enclosed
What are your thoughts ?
Is there such an overwhelming risk by using mydriacyl phenylephrine and cyclogyl in a standard 5 ml bottle used just for the one day ?
Meeting is at 6 tomorrow morning
Many thanks

A by Dr. Emil W. Chynn:

It’s a bad paper for many reasons:
The eye and skin aren’t sterile
The bugs they grew out are normal flora
You put the drops in before prepping
They failed to show any transmission
They failed to show any disease causation
In 90% of countries they use multi dose drops preop wo problems. Usually over many days
So using multi dose within a day then discarding is perfectly reasonable n logical

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