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Dr. Chynn on The invention and basic science of the excimer laser

Fluence/mm2/sec but then got bogged down by the math and units and didn’t want to post something I wasn’t confident about
I guess we should just say:
“Haze can be induced by the (mild) thermal damage caused when the excimer laser photo disrupts covalent bonds of the collagen stroma. This is why techniques such as chilling the cornea with cold or frozen BSS after ablation reduce the incidence of haze. It’s also why you may wish to turn down the pulse frequency or Hz if that’s something you can adjust for your longer ablations–especially if your laser is one of the “faster” brands”
Speaking of basic science, coincidentally last week I met the true inventor of the excimer laser. Not ST or FL, who had use patents, both of whom actually first trained me on their competing excimers when I was at Columbia in 1992. James Wynn PhD the guy who had the original patent at IBM. He and his co-researchers received the Lasker Prize (the “pre-Nobel”) and the Congressional Medal of Freedom from Obama for this work. Now he’s trying to use the excimer to ablate skin lesions, making use of the fact that at 293nm the laser is blocked by blood, so it stops penetrating on its own once it hits the deeper dermis.
This was at a meetup group of Physician Entrepreneurs that some of you may want to join. They have chapters in nyc and sf and a couple of other cities. If you email me privately I’ll put you in touch w the organizer (as K-net is supposed to be confined to anterior segment issues, the recent illuminating post on finger numbness from guitar-playing notwithstanding. I still think Jimmy Page was the best rock guitarist ever
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