LASEK for Lazy Eye

Did you know that LASEK procedure can help you with your lazy eye problem?

In 2013. Dr. Chynn gave a lecture at ASCRS (big eye MD meeting) and showed results proving that even adult lazy eye patients benefit from LASEK

That lecture can be found at this ASCRS-Amblyopia-Paper

20 Years Ago…
Doctors thought that parts of the brain that didn’t develop fully in childhood could never become active. They were wrong. The brain is plastic and researchers have discovered that the brain is more “plastic” than we once thought. In layman’s terms, the brain is capable of some “rewiring” even in adulthood. If you are an adult with a “lazy eye” that you want to fix, or at least know the ultimate potential for vision, you owe it to yourself to come to Park Avenue Laser Visiom.

Insurance will cover up to $1500 off this procedure! So call us NOW!

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