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I have a 26 yo healthy female (only med is a birth control pill, which she has been on for years) with the following refractive error:
Current wear in glasses:
OD:  -2.50+1.00×83
OS:  -1.75+1.25x96Manifest June 2014:
OD: -2.25+1.75×80
OS: -1.75+1.50×100Manifest Dec 2014:
OD: -2.50+1.00×85
OS: -1.75+1.25×95

Her topos from June and December 2014 are attached in pdf format.  The inferior portion of the anterior float appears steeper. It is mild and not changing over a few months. The B-A curves are within normal limits.
I plan to reevaluate in June.

She wants LASIK. I suggested PRK as an option for her.  I am inclined to avoid LASIK given my concern with the inferior area.

Would you consider PRK to be safe in this situation. Or would you steer the patient away from refractive surgery all together?


ASA (advanced surface ablation) is almost always safer in these cases. Done properly with her low age and Rx recovery should be quick and painless"</p

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