Because it’s 100% non-cutting and 100% non-invasive, it’s 10x safer than LASIK. With LASEK, none of the feared flap complications that may have kept you from getting LASIK is even possible–because we’re not cutting a flap to begin with!

What is LASEK?

It’s a type non-invasive laser vision correction performed by Dr. Emil Chynn at Park Avenue Lasek. People often think that all laser vision correction surgeries are the same, well they are not. Dr. Chynn performs LASEK, but he has a special protocol for preoperative exams, surgery and post op treatments! He actually patented and trademarked his way.

Why is LASEK non-invasive?

Because it’s non-cutting.  This means that no cut is made into your eye with a metal blade (as in LASIK) or with another cutting laser (as in IntraLase or i-LASIK).

Surface ablation is the only type of laser vision correction that can guarantee 0 (ZERO) flap complications! Because we won’t make a flap!

LASEK is a type of Advanced Surface Ablation (the medical term) which is not PRK (the original way to perform laser vision correction, which was invented by two of Dr. Chynn’s colleagues when he was at Columbia Medical School (Drs. Stephen Trokel and Francis L’Esperance).


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