Our Office

Park Avenue SafeSight combines the traditional values of a small private practice with the most innovative medical advances in ophthalmology.

Our Philosophy

Dr. Chynn and Park Avenue LASEK have a unique philosophy, which is based on openness, honesty, and mutual benefit.

This means that in every interaction, we strive to be as transparent as possible, and explore ways to create true win-wins. For example, we have the only all-glass operating room in the world, where people can watch every live procedure from the sidewalk. The only reason we can do this is we stopped cutting LASIK flaps, so we stopped having LASIK complications in the OR.  It also fits in with our philosophy of being transparent to the customer–literally, in this case!


Our Mission

Dr. Chynn and Park Avenue LASEK are a 100% non-cutting, non-invasive laser vision correction center in New York City.

Therefore, our Mission is to use our SafeSight procedure to successfully treat people who cannot get LASIK. This includes people with high prescriptions, thin corneas, or high/irregular astigmatism. We can also treat patients who are so-so candidates for LASIK, like people with dry eyes, large pupils, or those who already have, or concerned about night glare or halos. Our Mission is also to fix these problems in patients who have these symptoms after LASIK, who often are unaware that a newer, more advanced solution exists.

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