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Re: Mitomycin-C OTA — published in June Ophthalmology


Dear All,

I would highly recommend the above EXCELLENT review article (link below). Many of our colleagues worked very hard to produce and excellent summary of the “state of the art”.


Highland Park, IL 


dear randy, parag, roy, and everyone else

i just read this article in the blue journal, it agree it was very good and long overdue

it did say “we are not sure what the minimum effective dose in terms of concentration and time is” or something like that

i did a poster w my MD PhD fellow last year 

where we compared 0.01% MMC for 10 sec in 1 eye vs proportional to Rx/ablation time in the other eye

and found the shorter time to be equally effective in preventing scarring, ie no dose-response curve

maybe bc, as others have found, the effect of MMC is so rapid/strong you get a full effect at a very low %/time

we submitted this for publication, i think to AJO or JCRS or something like that, but got rejected

we are planning on resubmitting to an easier journal, bc our study is clearly not exactly groundbreaking

but it would help answer the question of “how low can you go” as we were at 1/2 the concentration of the common %

and at the lowest time commonly reported

can i have some suggestions on which lesser journal to submit to, as i do think it’s worth publishing

and i don’t want to go through the pain of submitting and getting rejected from a top 5 journal

so something ranked 6-10 in ophtho for impact factor would probably be more appropriate

thanks in advance for your kind help; pls reply to all (maybe taking off the knet group)

as my 2 co-authors dr b and an intern in DO school are ccd




*Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA*


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