Dr. Chynn was the first MD to arrive at Ground Zero and organize a triage center.

Among the many people who took part in the rescue and recovery work on and after 9/11, in addition to firefighters and police forces, an important role was played by medical workers. Although they are mentioned rarely, they helped greatly in treating injured civilians and in helping other rescuers as well.

Undicisettembre offers its readers the account of surgeon Emil Chynn, who was the first doctor to arrive at Ground Zero and organized the first triage centre for the injured near the site of the disaster. Dr. Chynn, MBA, is also the proprietor of the Park Avenue LASEK practice in New York.

The photographs in this article are courtesy of Emil Chynn, whom we wish to thank for his kindness and willingness to share his experience.

(Full interview with Undicidettmbre which shows Dr. Chynn's incredible bravery and sacrifice can be found here.)


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