LASEK vouchers

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Dr. Emil Chynn is one of the most respected LASEK surgeons in the nation. This promotional LASEK Voucher offers real savings to new patients like yourself. It has no catch or surprises. It’s risk free — you don’t even have to buy the voucher after you have your free consultation with the doctor. We offer secured money back guarantee.
You can return the Voucher you’ve purchased to us and get your refund. Read Terms and Conditions here.

What is LASEK?

It’s 100% non-cutting and 100% non-invasive – it’s 10x safer than LASIK. With LASEK, none of the feared flap complications that may have kept you from getting LASIK is even possible–because we’re not cutting a flap to begin with!

Why choose Dr. Chynn?

New York City’s most experienced No-Cut, No-Flap, All-Laser surgeon (this means he has performed more LASEK and epiLASEK (epi-LASIK) procedures than any other refractive surgeon in NYC, almost 30.000 to date; this is because every other full-time refractive surgeon in NYC with a laser center performs mostly the older cutting LASIK or IntraLase procedures, whereas Dr. Chynn made the decision several years ago to perform exclusively the newer non-cutting LASEK procedure)

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