What makes us better?

We are the only centre in NYC that can guarantee a 0% chance of flap complications!

You owe it to yourself to at least check out our center, meet with our MDs, meet our famous surgeon, and learn why our SafeSight™ procedure is the only noninvasive form of laser vision correction offered in NYC-and thus the safest!

So feel free to shop the other cutting centers–but please also make us one of your stops. Approximately 80% of patients who visit our center and another cutting center choose not to get their eyes cut unnecessarily. We are confident that you will, too!

Most of our staff have had our SafeSight™ procedure themselves by Dr. Chynn so can answer all your questions from a patient’s point of view (about it not hurting, the rapid recovery, how it’s 10x better than PRK). So it is worth picking up the phone and speaking to us!

We are also the only center in NYC that allows you to watch a live procedure anytime you want because we are the only noncutting center in NYC so we don’t have to worry about a potential patient witnessing a flap complication.

Please consider not getting your eye cut, and having SafeSight™ with us-you’ll be glad you did! 

what makes us better

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